Annual report 2022

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Strong growth for Global Talk


Hengelo (NL), 26 May 2023 – Global Talk, the number three interpreting service provider in Europe, shows strong growth. The number of interpreting services  provided in 2022 rose by 45.6% to 720,000, representing turnover growth of 27.4% to a figure of €49.8 million. By far the largest part of this consolidated turnover came from Global Talk in the Netherlands. The Dutch company has also been operating in Belgium and Sweden since 2019. The annual report published today reflects on these developments.

In 2022, by far the most interpreters were engaged by phone (651,000 times, representing growth of 48.9%), followed by on-site deployment (62,000 times, representing growth of 23.5%). Video deployment lowered to 7,000 times, representing a decline of -39.2%. This can be explained by the fact that after a year of several lockdowns, the world reopened and, as usual, more on-site interpreting took place. There was also a notable shift in how interpreters were requested. There was an 18% increase in online requests at the expense of telephone requests in 2022. This means that 49% of interpreting services were requested online.

In addition to retaining trusted accounts, a number of new clients were welcomed in the Netherlands. University hospitals such as UMC Groningen and Radboud UMC in Nijmegen again chose Global Talk. As did major municipalities, including Utrecht and The Hague. We also concluded contracts with the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND), the Repatriation & Departure Service (DT&V) and the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA).

In Antwerp, Global Talk opened its first establishment in Belgium in 2022. It also launched the Global Talk Care app there and half of all Flemish hospitals are already connected to Global Talk’s interpreting services. A new managing director, Tobias Andersson, was appointed in Sweden and the team there succeeded in winning a tender from the municipality of Ronneby.

Astrid van Rossum, CEO Global Talk: “We are the biggest in the Netherlands, in Europe we are number three and we’re on our way to second position. In the Netherlands, we focus on retaining our position by strengthening the organisation. We see major opportunities for growth outside the Netherlands. In Europe, we want to grow through our branches in Belgium and Sweden where there’s so much more to achieve.”