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We are Global Talk, an organization of more then 2,000 interpreters and culture specialists. Together, we speak over 200 different languages.

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Sometimes, our clients’ needs require solutions that go beyond traditional interpreting. In these cases, we can build bespoke technological solutions that solve specific issues. For example, we have worked with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Serbia to develop an app with pre-recorded questions and answers in 10 languages that help customs officials communicate with refugees. Another example is an app we developed for ambulance personnel, that allows them to contact an intepreter within 1 minute at the touch of a button, without the intervention of a call centre.
Whatever the situation, we will always find the best fitting solution to overcoming our clients’ language and culture barriers.

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We at Global Talk are convinced: that every person should be given the opportunity to understand and be understood, no matter their country of origin. Our name also signifies being able to communicate across the globe; to understand each other in all the languages of the world. Welcome to Global Talk.