Understanding is everything

We are Global Talk, an organization of more then 2,000 interpreters and culture specialists. Together, we speak over 200 different languages.





What we do

We eliminate language and culture barriers by combining the soft skills of our experienced language- and culture experts with the most advanced (translation) technologies. Fully understanding each other often takes more than just a literal translation; knowledge of someone’s cultural background is also important. After all, there can be a world of difference between what someone means and what they say.

What drives us

We believe that every person should be given the opportunity to understand and be understood, no matter their country of origin.

Our vision

Nothing beats the experience of a professional interpreter when it comes to fully understanding the nuances and complexities of another language and culture. At the same time, we recognize the incredible opportunities made possible by increasingly sophisticated translation technologies. We believe that the true future of interpreting lies in combining the two – professional interpreters, facilitated and supported by the best technology can offer. In working towards this vision, we guarantee that our clients get the absolute best of both worlds.

Our ambition

Global Talk is rapidly developing into a leading European organisation in the field of language and cultural barriers. We are quite proud of that. Global Talk now consists of more then 2,000 interpreters and culture specialists. We are active in The Netherlands and Belgium, and we plan to expand to more countries in the coming years.

Where we come from

We started as Stichting Tolkencentra in 1976. We were renamed Tolk- en Vertaalcentrum Nederland (TVcN) in 2000. Our social commitment from that time is still present. Today’s online communication tools allow us to do our work better than ever.

Our motto

Understanding is everything.

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