Maaike Stiekema

HR Director
Global Talk


Hengelo (NL), 17 May 2023

Maaike Stiekema was recently appointed HR Director at Global Talk. She previously worked at companies including Ascom and Unit4, where she served as Senior HR Manager.

CEO Global Talk Astrid van Rossum: “Because Global Talk is experiencing such strong growth at present, it’s time to define the HR role as a separate management position. Maaike contributes a wealth of international HR experience. Such experience is necessary to properly shape our current growth, but also to attract and retain new talent in the countries where we operate.”

Global Talk operates in the Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium and generates a revenue of close to €50 million, ranking 31st in the 2022 Slator Language Service Provider Index (LSPI). LSPI ranks the world’s biggest language service providers by revenue. In recent years, Global Talk has become one the fastest-growing language service providers in the world.

Maaike Stiekema: “Global Talk’s growth and international ambitions rely on the potential and development of the people in its workforce. It also means that the company must be attractive to new talent. That’s exactly why I’m so enthusiastic about my position, which is new for Global Talk. Finding, connecting, engaging and enabling employees to grow. I’m excited to utilise my experience in the HR profession to contribute optimally towards achieving Global Talk’s organisational objectives.”

Interpreters and cultural specialists work for Global Talk on-site, by video or telephone. They are deployed in the public sector for municipalities, ministries, investigation services and judicial authorities, as well as for companies and at international conferences.

In addition to providing interpreting services, Global Talk also offers customised services. This includes the apps Global Talk has developed in cooperation with clients in different countries. A good example is the Global Talk Care app, a multilingual communication app for the Flemish healthcare sector. Using the app, caregivers can ask patients initial supporting questions in any of 12 different languages. Or the Ambulance Interpreting app in the Netherlands, which enables EMS personnel to engage the services of an interpreter at the touch of a button, within a minute, without requiring intervention of a call centre.