Our proprietary interpreter matchmaking platform

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Voxxer is Global Talk’s very own interpreter management system, which uses cutting edge technology to automate the complete matching process between client and interpreter. On top of that, it supports all virtual interpreting technologies. Whether our clients need an over-the-phone, video or on-site interpreter, Voxxer finds the best match every time.

How it works

Using Voxxer, interpreters can easily manage their availability, and accept services online or with our dedicated interpreter app. When a client submits a request for an interpreter, Voxxer automatically searches for and connects with the best available interpreter – all within a split second. When an interpreter accepts, both parties receive a notification and the service can then be delivered. The exact duration of every service is automatically logged and registered in both the customer and interpreter accounts. The system bundles all completed services and sends invoices automatically to customers, while interpreters can expect to receive payments at regular intervals. From booking to payment, Voxxer automates the complete interpreting process on both the client and interpreter side.